A modern classic

1,000 Years in The Making

You may be forgiven for thinking that bottled water is a modern development. It has certainly become a popular choice in recent years. Yet one brand stands out, not just for its quintessentially British style and quality, but for its unequalled authenticity.

The birthplace of the ‘The English Spa’ and the home of British Bottled Water, Harrogate has for centuries provided the finest naturally sourced water for everyone to enjoy.

Harrogate Spring Water can legitimately lay claim to the title, ‘The Original British Bottled Water’.

Open an iconic bottle of Harrogate Water and toast a thousand years of history. The story of Harrogate Water is older even than the Domesday Book. During its long journey, it is filtrated through layers of rock and naturally enriched with good minerals to create a perfectly balanced drink; acclaimed the best water in the world*.

Harrogate’s mineral springs were discovered in the first Elizabethan era. They were famously recommended by Queen Elizabeth’s physician for their medicinal properties in 1571. Harrogate was christened ‘The English Spa’ and this became the first use of ‘Spa’ in the English language. Wealthy visitors, including the Russian Royal family, travelled to ‘take the mineral rich waters’ as Harrogate became a popular health destination.

Harrogate Water remained a favourite during the Georgian period, the golden era of romantic poets Byron and Shelley and of feted landscapists Gainsborough and Constable. The water was first bottled during the reign of George II in 1740, becoming the first British bottled water. It was celebrated by the Victorians and by 1914, Harrogate was the biggest exporter of bottled water, proudly keeping the Commonwealth hydrated from England to Bombay.

In tribute to the rich history and heritage of Harrogate’s spa story, Harrogate’s distinctive diamond bottle and label underline the brand’s originality and have propelled Harrogate Water to the position of Britain’s largest independent, family-owned producer of naturally-sourced bottled water.

The bottle design was inspired by the exceptional architecture of the Royal Pump Room. The refraction and sparkle created by the diamond facets help to emphasise the fresh, mineral origin of the water, making it even more appealing. It stands out from the crowd.

The late Victorian love of Middle Eastern and Oriental decorative influences can be seen in Harrogate’s Royal Baths and served as the inspiration for the patterns on the labels. 

“ Harrogate Water is internationally renowned for its well-rounded

The No.1 Premium British Water

Harrogate Water is well balanced and rich in good minerals with a neutral pH. It is a versatile, refreshing water, perfect for all occasions. Virtually absent of nitrates and nitrites, it provides a purity which reflects the quality of the ground and catchment area.

Sourced in the magnificent surroundings of Harrogate, within a protected Area of Special Scientific Interest, Harrogate Water is internationally renowned for its well-rounded, clean taste profile. The sparkling water is very slightly carbonated, giving it a gentle drinkability and making it the perfect palate cleanser to accompany any meal.

Available as both still and sparkling variants, Harrogate offers a comprehensive range of products. All bottles are 100 per cent recyclable and the brand is a proud partner of Keep Britain Tidy. The Harrogate facility is recognised as one of the most environmentally efficient facilities in the world and boasts the latest advances in quality control, ensuring excellence every time.

As the No.1 Premium British Spring Water, Harrogate’s customers include iconic institutions such as Tate Modern, acclaimed international airlines such as Cathay Pacific, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants. It is the official bottled water of Royal Ascot, one of the most celebrated international occasions in both the social and sporting calendars.

A thousand years in the making, Harrogate Water is redefining premium bottled water with its classical elegance, unrivalled heritage and flawless authenticity. The original British bottled water, multi-award-winning for its taste and feted The Best Water in the World*.

Water Sommelier Guide

Each naturally-sourced water is wonderfully unique, reflecting the hydro-geology of the area from which it is drawn. No two waters are the same; varying in mineral composition dependent on the rocks it passes through.

Harrogate Water is characterised by an exceptionally clean, hydrating and well-rounded taste, due to an optimal balance of minerals and neutral pH level. This makes it perfect for pairing with food and fine dining, as it will not cloud the palate.

It is virtually absent of nitrates, which can give water a processed, synthetic taste.

Harrogate’s sparkling water has a gentle level of carbonation, giving a smooth mouth-feel, ideal as an accompaniment when dining or on its own.

The technique for tasting water is similar to tasting wine. Gently aerate and rinse the mouth to coat. Taste prior to food to avoid tainting the palate and ensuring your taste receptors are working at optimum levels.

* Awarded Best Sparkling Water in the World, The International Water Tasting Awards, Berkeley Springs, USA. Awarded Gold at the BBI Awards 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016.