Welcome to this, the 2019 edition of Talking Food

Now in its third edition, Talking Food remains dedicated to showcasing exciting and innovative recipes from chefs at the UK & Ireland’s finest hotels.

As before we make no apology for the fact that a few require methods and techniques perhaps beyond the resources of most home kitchens, because we believe there’s a certain satisfaction in unravelling the sorcery of the masters. However, most are perfectly achievable by the enthusiasticand inquisitive domestic cook – if I can do it, you certainly can – and as the chefs involved areunited in agreeing, if it goes wrong nobody dies. There’s always takeaway or cheese on toast.

Our Q&As allow chefs to say what they really think, and you’ll also find the opinions of enthusiastic diners and a small, dank, slightly earthy but reasonably rounded tribute to the musky glories of root vegetables. We trust that you will enjoy browsing, that your taste buds and curiosity will be stimulated, and that you’ll be inspired to try out some of these fabulous recipes at home.

Talking Food is published yearly, and is available from featured hotels and our sponsors.

Mark Hodson