Cured salmon

The Recipes / Fish

The Mount Somerset Hotel & Spa Somerset

4 boned, filleted mackerel fillets, halved

1 side of salmon

600g raw beetroot
5g fennel seeds
½ bunch marjoram
275g caster sugar
500g fine table salt
2 star anise
Zest of 1 orange

Serves 8-10

This is a recipe I really like as a starter and can change the garnish through the seasons. It gives a really full flavour of fish and a nice firm texture. The recipe we use is for one side of salmon.

Grate the beetroot with a coarse grater and spread it evenly over the flesh side of the fish. Grind together the remaining ingredients apart from the zest. Spread this mixture on top of the beetroot, with the orange zest as a final layer on top. This now needs to stay in the fridge for ten hours, turned over in the curing mix, and left for a further 20 hours.

After that time wash off thoroughly and dry with a towel. It is now ready to use.

At the moment we’re serving ours with passion fruit, avocado and oyster leaves for a really fresh starter.