Gloucester Old Spot pork ribeye steak Ham hock croquette, pancetta cabbage, caramelised peach purée

The Recipes / Meat

Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Gloucestershire

4 pork ribeye steaks with bone in

1 ham hock
1 small white onion, finely chopped
3 sage leaves, chopped
1tbs whole grain mustard
100g mashed potatoes
1 whole egg
200g breadcrumbs
50g plain flour

Peach purée
5 peaches
1tbs brown sugar
1tbs apple cider vinegar

Pancetta cabbage
½ medium sized savoy cabbage, shredded
100g smoked pancetta, chopped
50ml white wine
Few sprigs thyme, chopped

Serves 4

Slowly cook the ham hock completely covered in water until it becomes tender and is about to fall off the bone. This will take a good 2 hours. Once the hock is cooked, use a fork to flake it into a bowl.

Sauté the onions until transparent then add to the ham hock along with the sage, mustard and mashed potatoes. Combine well before forming into the shape and size of small golf balls.

Lightly whisk the egg and spread the breadcrumbs on a baking tray. Sprinkle the ham hock balls with flour before dipping in the eggs and then rolling in the breadcrumbs. Reshape the balls as required before chilling in the fridge.

De-stone and cut the peaches into rough slices. Heat the sugar in a pan on a low heat. As soon as the sugar starts to turn golden brown, add the sliced peaches and cider vinegar. Cook for a further 5 minutes and then blitz to a smooth purée.

Preheat the oven to 180˚C. Lightly cook the pancetta on a low heat in a thick-bottomed pan, and once it starts to turn crispy add the cabbage. Once the cabbage has begun to soften, add the wine and the thyme. Keep cooking until all the moisture from the cabbage has evaporated, then adjust the seasoning and set aside.

Pan fry the pork steaks in a griddle pan over a high heat to caramelise the outer flesh before finishing them off in the oven for a further 10–15 minutes or until the temperature of the middle of the steaks reaches 75˚C. Rest the steaks for at least 10 minutes after cooking. Deep fry the ham hock croquettes until golden brown or until the core temperature is above 75˚C.

Arrange the pancetta cabbage in the centre of the plate with a steak on top and a croquette to the side. Dot a few drops of peach purée around the pork, and garnish with thyme sprigs and a few slices of caramelised peach.