Milky bar parfait, olive oil bergamot cake

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Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire

White chocolate parfait
150g Valhrona Ivory white chocolate
100ml milk
30g sugar
60g yolks
180ml whipping cream, semi-whipped

Hazelnut streusel
40g ground hazelnuts
90g soft flour
45g demerara sugar
40g butter
40g whole hazelnuts, toasted & chopped

Lime syrup
100g sugar
Zest of 1 lime
12ml lime juice

Olive oil bergamot cake
1 large orange
300g sugar
4 eggs
280g soft flour
15g baking powder 75ml olive oil
10g vanilla extract

Serves 8

Combine the sugar and yolk for the parfait in a pan. Separately bring the milk to the boil then slowly mix into the sugar and yolk. Bring to 83°C to create an Anglaise and pour over the white chocolate in a bowl. Whisk together with a hand blender, cool to room temperature, and fold in the whipping cream. Pour into a freezable mould and leave in the freezer until it is set hard and easy to turn out.

Mix all the ingredients except the toasted hazelnuts to a smooth crumble. Spread on a baking tray and bake at 160°C till golden brown. Allow to cool before crumbling again, mixing in the chopped toasted chopped hazelnuts.

For the lime syrup, bring the sugar to the boil with 200ml of water and cook for 2–3 minutes until a syrup forms. Allow to cool completely before adding the lime zest and juice. Set aside.

Blitz the orange for the bergamot cake with half the sugar to a smooth paste. Whisk the rest of the sugar with the eggs until the mixture is light and fluffy. Fold through the sieved flour and baking powder. Lastly add the blitzed oranges, olive oil and vanilla extract. Place in a lined frame and bake at 155°C. Check after 15 minutes, and then every
5 minutes until well risen and golden brown.