Potato spaghetti & land caviar

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Cliff House Hotel, County Waterford

2 large potatoes, around 500g 150ml double cream
1 clove smoked garlic, crushed 75ml vegetable stock
30g mature cheddar, grated 1tbs chopped chervil
1 egg yolk
Land caviar
Coltsfoot flower petals


Serves 2

This fake spaghetti and caviar replicates a classic dish, just without the pasta or the caviar. Land caviar, a dried cypress seed that resembles fish eggs, with a crunchy texture and a broccoli/artichoke flavour otherwise known as tonburi, is available online.

Preferably spiralise, or shred, the potato into long strands.

Pour the cream into a wide shallow pan and add the garlic. Bring to the boil and add the vegetable stock. Keep on a high heat and grate the cheddar into the mixture, then add the potato spaghetti, tossing the pan to cover the potatoes with the cream: you will see that the potatoes will soften and merge into the cream. Turn the heat down and the sauce will thicken, glazing the potatoes. Season with cracked black pepper and salt, while gently stirring the spaghetti.

Take off the heat when the potatoes are soft and add the chervil and egg yolk. Mix gently and arrange on a plate. Scoop a generous amount of land caviar on top with the colstfoot petals, and serve.