Salmon and langoustine tartare

The Recipes / Seafood 

Cliveden, Berkshire

120g fresh salmon fillet
120g fresh langoustine
Zest of 2 limes
2tbs rice wine vinegar
1tbs lemon infused oil

10g sugar
20g white wine vinegar
1 fennel, shaved
1 Tokyo turnip, shaved

Oyster leaves, sliced
1 green apple, cut in batons 3
breakfast radish, sliced

Serves 4

Cut the salmon and langoustine flesh with a very sharp knife into a small dice, chopping through a few times to ensure it’s as small as possible. Dress the fish in a clean bowl with the rest of the ingredients, season and taste, correcting to your liking with a little more of each if needed. Arrange on 4 clean chilled plates.

Dissolve the sugar in the vinegar and 30ml of water. Immerse the fennel and turnip in the pickle for 2 minutes before serving, then drain and season. Serve on top of the fish and finish with the sliced oyster leaves, apple batons and radish slices.