Salt baked carrot, hazelnuts, goat's curd, truffle

The Recipes / Vegetables 

Coworth Park Hotel, Berkshire

12 medium carrots with tops
Goat’s curd
Roasted hazelnuts
Sliced truffle

Pickled carrot

1 large purple carrot
20ml white wine vinegar
2g grapeseed oil
2g sea salt
19g sugar

Salt pastry

50g thyme
50g rosemary
1.5kg strong flour
500g salt
10 egg whites

Truffle mayonnaise

25g chopped truffle
8g dijon mustard
100g egg yolk
325ml grapeseed oil
4ml truffle oil
4g sea salt
10ml madeira
1g sugar
8g cabernet sauvignon vinegar
8g aged balsamic vinegar

Carrot glaze

300ml carrot juice
1 star anise
1tsp coriander seeds
8 cardamom pods
1tsp cumin seeds
20g ginger, finely chopped
100g butter, diced

Quail eggs

6 quail eggs
1 egg, whisked

Serves 6

Peel and cut the purple carrot into 2mm slices and stamp out discs with a small round cutter. Mix the vinegar, oil, salt and sugar and immerse the carrot discs. Transfer to a container with a tight fitting lid: shake well and leave to infuse for 90 minutes before using.

Blitz the herbs for the pastry with the salt in the processor. Transfer to a bowl and combine with the remaining dry ingredients, then mix in the egg whites. Slowly add 400ml of water, beating the mix well for a good 8 to 10 minutes until smooth and dry to the touch. Roll out the pastry to the thickness of a pound coin and wrap individually around the carrots. Cook the carrots for 12 minutes at 200°C, then allow to rest for a further 10 minutes before removing from the pastry and reserving for service. Discard the pastry.

For the mayonnaise, place the egg yolks, mustard, sea salt, sugar, vinegars and chopped truffle in a food processor and start to blend. Slowly add the grapeseed oil until thick and glossy. Finish with the madeira and truffle oil. Reserve for service.

Toast all the spices for the glaze except the ginger in a dry pan. Crush, then return to the pan with the carrot juice and ginger and reduce to 150ml. Remove from the heat and monte the cold butter: pass and reserve.

Boil the quail egg for 2½ minutes then refresh in ice water. Peel the egg, then coat first with flour, then egg, and finally breadcrumbs. Reserve for service.

When ready to serve, reheat the carrots in the glaze and reduce until thickly coated. Spread the truffle mayonnaise and the goat’s curd in equal quantities on the plate and place the carrot on top. Deep fry the quail eggs at 180°C until crisp and golden, cut in half and add to the plate. Place 6–8 halves of roasted hazelnuts alongside the carrot. Garnish with pickled carrot, sliced truffle and washed carrot leaves.