Strawberry and vanilla

The Recipes / Dessert

Brockencote Hall, Worcestershire

500g white chocolate

Vanilla mousse
37g egg yolks
27g icing sugar
2 vanilla pods
490ml double cream
1 bronze leaf gelatin
235g white chocolate

500g strawberries
50g red wine vinegar Shortbread
Basil cress

Serves 4

To make the tempered chocolate, first melt the 500g of white chocolate in a bowl over boiling water until it reaches 45˚C, then allow to cool to 26˚C. Warm back a little to 28˚C and pour into hemisphere silicone moulds, lining to create a hollow dome.
Leave to set in the fridge for a few hours.

For the vanilla mousse, begin by whisking the egg yolks and icing sugar together. Split the vanilla pods and add the seeds to 115ml of boiling double cream. Add the gelatin, then pour the hot cream over the whisked egg yolks. Cook this out to 84˚C in a bowl over boiling water. Melt the 235g white chocolate and fold into the eggs and cream, then leave to cool. In a separate bowl semi-whip the remaining 375ml of double cream and fold through the set custard.

Roughly chop half the strawberries. Add 25g of sugar and leave somewhere warm for
2 hours, then strain off the liquid, keeping the solids, and freeze in small trays: ice cube trays are ideal.

Cut the remaining 250g of strawberries in half. Dissolve 100g of sugar in 100ml of warm water and the red wine vinegar, then pour over the strawberries. Leave to cool and macerate for 10 minutes then remove and dice the strawberries.

Pipe in vanilla mousse to half-fill the white chocolate dome. Gently press a cube of frozen strawberry into the middle and fill the dome with more vanilla mousse. Leave to set for a few hours in the fridge. Turn out the dome onto a plate and finish with the macerated strawberries and some basil cress around the edge – sliced fresh basil will do if you can’t find basil cress. For an extra touch, cut out discs of short bread as a base for the dome (we use a basil shortbread).