Yellowtail tiradito

The Recipes / Fish

Beaverbrook, Surrey

1 yellowtail fillet

50ml yuzu juice
1g lecithin
1ml grape seed oil

15g fresh wasabi, finely diced
15g white onion, finely diced
5ml grape seed oil
0.1g garlic purée

1 aubergine
Honey (20% weight of aubergine)
Soy sauce (10% weight of aubergine)
Rice vinegar (25% weight of aubergine

Edible flowers for decoration

Serves 4

Blend the yuzu with the lecithin and oil and chill in the fridge for an hour.

Mix together the wasabi, onion, oil and garlic purée.

Weigh the aubergine to establish the quantities for the other ingredients. Grill the aubergine until the skin is completely burnt, then blend with the honey, soy sauce and rice wine.

Trim the yellowtail fillet and cut into thin slices, around 10g per slice. Arrange the slices on the plate alongside the aubergine purée and
wasabi mix. Lightly foam the yuzu mix with a hand blender and spoon over the fish. Decorate with edible flowers.