Yorkshire veal tartare

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The Devonshire Arms, North Yorkshire

500g Yorkshire veal fillet

300ml good quality rapeseed oil
4 pullet eggs

80g Blue Pepe nasturtium leaves

3 whole ceps
4 breakfast radishes
25g Exmoor caviar


Serves 4

Start the confit pullet yolk by warming 150ml of the rapeseed oil to 62˚C. Separate the eggs, discarding the white, and place the yolk in the oil on the heat for 10 minutes. Take off the heat and keep the yolk in the oil until ready the serve.

Blend the nasturtiums (keeping 16 back for presentation) with the remaining rapeseed oil until smooth. Pass the oil through muslin to produce a nasturtium flavoured oil. Allow to cool.

Remove any sinew from the veal then dice to around 3mm. The seasoning is down to personal taste: start by making sure the veal is at room temperature for the optimum flavour, then use sea salt, freshly cracked white pepper and enough nasturtium oil to lightly coat the veal. Taste and add more seasonings to your liking.

Slice the ceps and radish with a mandolin or sharp knife just thick enough to keep their natural shape.

Start dressing the plate with tartare in the centre. Strain off the yolk with a spoon onto cloth, being careful not to break the membrane, then place the yolk on the tartare. Arrange the cep, radish, caviar and the nasturtium leaves kept back from earlier, finally dressing with a few more drops of nasturtium oil.