Head Chef, Scott Paton, Boringdon Hall

What inspired you to become a chef? 

I had wanted to be a chef from an early age, but I guess what really got me inspired was my first job in the kitchen at the age of 15, feeling the buzz of a busy service.

What do you find most satisfying about your work?

Without doubt the most satisfying is getting great feedback from our guests, it really gives us the drive to push ourselves, so we can constantly exceed expectations, even if they come with high expectations to start with.

And least?

here is nothing worse than someone not enjoying your cooking! Is there a chef you particularly admire, and if so why? I admire many, I wouldn’t want to name drop any to be honest.

Is there any aspect of the contemporary food scene that you find especially irritating?

No, not at all. Chefs are expressive, they need to be, I can’t sit and judge or be irritated by something someone is putting their heart into. That’s not my style, I like to focus on our guests and our food.

Describe your perfect dining companion or guest.

They’d have to be easy to talk to, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, understanding and appreciative of the effort that’s gone into the food, and most of all fun.

Are there any food critics whose opinions you respect, and if so why? 

Isn’t everyone a food critic? I respect everyone’s opinion, everyone has their right to it and it’s my job to make sure their opinion is heard.

What’s the most important thing to bear in mind when cooking your recipes at home?

To simply enjoy them, have fun, don’t stress.

Boringdon Hall
Plymouth, Devon